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5 Reasons To Visit Langdon Hall

Part 4 from the competition I attended, held by the Wine region of Alsace and Rhone.  The competition invited 10 of the top young chefs in Toronto to create food pairings for wines from the Alsace and Rhone regions of France.  Judges were Susur Lee, Lee Restaurant, Lesley Provost, Good Food Revolution, Nadine Anglin,, Ian Campbell, Drinks Ontario and Laura Ruffolo, LCBO. I spoke in length with Chef David Sider from the 5 Diamond Langdon Hall in Cambridge who is so passionate yet so young which leads me to believe that great chefs are not made, they are birthed.  Also he has a pig tattoo, so he must like food right?

1. Scallop, Capelin Roe and Shiso paired with Willm Riesling Reserve 2009 Alsace.  Now being a sushi guy I really appreciated this dish as good capelin roe or Masago as it is referred to when ordering in Toronto Japanese restaurants, is hard to find.  This dish was reminiscent of squid ink and the scallop was medium rare to medium, which really I think is the best way.  Very innovative use of ingredients.

2. Spider crab, Nasturtium (flower) and Marigold petals paired with Leon Beyer Pinot Gris 2009, Alsace.  This was a pretty dish but too over the top for me with the petals.  However, the Spider Crab was a succulent piece of seafood.

3. Lamb Shank, beets and Wild herbs paired with Chapoutier Cotes-Du-Rhone Villages.  I unfortunately missed this dish but judges spoke covertly positive of it.

4.  Bison, shallot and autumn berry paired with Ogier Gigondas 2009.  Bison tends to be leaner beef, but iof prepared correctly turns out like this beauty.  Look at the colour and imagine the tender, subtle taste.  Now go order it.

5.  This guy. Chef David Sider being young and working at a 5 Diamond restaurant.  Young, talented, so much better dishes ahead of him as he matures and definitely someone to follow.  As I said early, I spoke in length with Chef David Snider and he is serious about his craft.  

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