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Posted March 2, 2013 by samuek in Swag

Scotch, Toronto and Glenmorangie

We are happy to share one of our favorite libations with you. Scotch for some may be seen as a drink for older, stuffy individuals, but we love our scotch and would like to share with you a great story behind an amazing drink. Check out Ken’s perspective on Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch.

Is it “Whisky” or “Whiskey?” Is it “scotch,” “whiskey” or “scotch whiskey?” Well they all are correct actually, depending on who you ask. Canadians and Scottish use Whisky, scotch is a type of whisky and calling it either would not get you lynched.

Apparently, there was so much about scotch I did not know, even as a scotch drinker. I enjoy my scotch while writing or after a long day but never thought what went into making it. I know how sake is made, have visited craft beer breweries and of course wineries. However, nothing could have prepared me for the amount of work that goes into making scotch and specifically, the Glenmorangie series. I was going to write a long piece about what I had learned but seems there are some pretty bad ass videos out therefrom Glenmorangie that really do it justice. The Art of Maturing is my favorite as it shared how Glenmorangie sources casks from Portugal, Spain and France to age select scotches. Watch and enjoy.

Glenmorangie, The Art of Maturing from Magnus Dennis on Vimeo.

a film i directed and produced for Glenmorangie, as part of their website re launch, telling the story of how their whisky matures in which barrels.
I also made a series of Tasting Masterclass films check their website at




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