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Posted June 19, 2011 by samuek in Food Joints

Ame – Guy Rubino

 Ame is one of my top picks to have a unique dining experience.


Return Factor – Definately for dinner or just drinks
19 Mercer Street Toronto, ON M5V 3C6
Atmosphere – Casual & Hip
Price – $70 a person

Ame is quite frankly a food lovers spot, no doubt.  Owners Guy and Michael Rubino are dead serious about your dining experience.  I read many reviews complaining about everything from the DJ to the portions at Ame and even going back to their days operating their last restaurant, Rain.  There will always be something to criticize at their level but I will tell you without a doubt that the Rubino brothers are synonymous with innovative cuisine, quality, flavor and experience. 

The restaurant doubles as a hipster hotspot, providing a late night resto-lounge.  There are tons of club reviews that attempt food commentary.  Be wary of those.  I visited initially as it is one of the few high quality food options open late. 


The restaurant’s decor is impressive boasting wood finishes throughout and even a whole massive tree trunk carved into their bar.  Nice touch Rubinos.  

So what about the food and drink?  Well first Ame has a deep wine list and a deep sake list.  I did not take pictures of the drinks but Michael Rubino has crafted a large unique custom drink menu.  It is worth the trip just to drink.  We ordered, amongst other things a 750 ml Junmai Daigingo sake.  I wanted everything so I asked Guy to prepare an Omakase or chefs tasting menu and he graciously obliged.  First was the snapper sashimi.

Tuna sashimi with condiments

Ika (Squid) sashimi

Nigiri Plate

Deep fried fish maki.  

Assorted house made Japanese pickles.  This was one of the most promising offerings as each pickled vegetable was unique and exploded with flavor.

Pulled Waygu short rib

Some insane desert

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