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Posted June 29, 2011 by samuek in Uncategorized

Annona Park Hyatt – Afternoon Tea

Ok, so we took the kids out for High Tea at the Park Hyatt in Yorkville again and this time I took pictures.  Not of the tea segment but of the food.  We have had dinner at Annona before and the Dover Sole was to die for.  Anyway that’s not why I am writing this.  I find Annona to be extreme high end dining to the point of almost having an uncomfortable air.  The food however is so good that we return a few times during the year prepared to deal with the…pretension? 

High tea at Annona is one of the most affordable in the city and you can enjoy it everyday between 3pm and 5pm.  Annona gets their tea from Vancouver company simply called “T.”  I enjoyed the EROS blend  which was sweet and creamy.  After tea I enjoyed an orange mimosa with prosecco and made using their hand squeezed orange, tangerine and I think mandarin oranges.

This was a Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich made with lobster, aged white cheddar, brioche purée of roasted tomato soup.  This was one of the best grill cheeses I have ever bought but I could also say that about the ones I make at home when I have had a few.  High end grill cheese to me is not something I would repeat as I see it as unnecessary.  I had this same feeling when eating Kobe Beef Har-Gau dim sum at Lai Wah Heen.  It was good but high end dim sum did not translate for me.  The roasted tomato soup was creamy, sweet and tart.  A perfect dipping vessel.

Their duck confit was laden with flavour, served with perfectly soft gnocchi and brussel sprouts.  They then had the audacity to cover the dish with the richest, most flavourful reduction that I would only expect from a hotel restaurant.  Rich, buttery and complex.  You know that feeling where you are not sure what is in your mouth but you like it?  That kinda good.

Upscale cupcakes served in cones for the kids

Wrap up the meal with what else?  Chocolate.

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