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Blanche De Chambly – You Gotta Try This Beer

This is Canadian beer, Quebec specifically and is damn good.  It is one of the only bottle fermented beers which is a defining characteristic of champagne.  The company Unibroue advises to try one of these as a Mimosa by adding...

Toronto Wine and Spirit Festival

Check out the Toronto Wine and Spirit Festival on June 16, 17 and 18 at 20 Polson Pier on the waterfront.  There will be live music, drinks and sum, what more can you ask for $30 event?  A huge list of drink vendors will be the...

Japanese...For Real

Guu Izakaya – Part 1

Guu is an “Izakaya” or a traditional Japanese bar.  Think of it as Japanese tapas.  It is not important what it is just go to Guu Izakaya.  It is one of the most interesting places to eat in Toronto.  If you like qu...
Japanese...For Real

Nobu Waikiki Hawaii – Engagement

Have you been to any of Nobu’s worldwide restaurants?  I would love to hear if the experience was as exceptional in lets say Dubai or Melbourne. Me outside of Nobu Waikiki, Hawaii Nobu Waikiki Website Hawaii in one word w...
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Kona Coffee – Greenwell Farms, Hawaii

 Been to Kona or any other coffee destination?  Let me know! Greenwell farms is one of the largest suppliers of Kona coffee to the world.  As with most of the best coffee in the world, volcanic environments are what produce the...