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Touro Brazilian Steakhouse & My Thoughts on Buffets

  There are certain places I patron only for special occasions.  I do this because there is typically a large group and we need something for everyone.  This way you don’t have to listen to your absurdly picky aunt complai...

Martha Stewart Meets The Delicious Show

I am a fan of anyone who can come in any game so late and literally take over.  She’s second only to maybe Oprah.  Yet, for some reason there are many people who discount her draw.  Her star power. I am by no stretch of t...


Contest – Goose Island Beer Takes Over Nota Bene

My first experience with Goose Island was at the 2013 Toronto Festival of Beer.  They sponsored the Social Media tent and offered both their Matilda and Sophie brands.  At first I thought they were champagne bottles but then ca...

My Beer Drinking History and A Contest

Want to go on a journey with some great craft beer at one of Toronto’s top restaurants?  Click here to find out how you can win one of two tickets valued at an estimated $125 each.

My Cipher with Maurice Hennessy

There I was, attending a Hennessy tasting with the 8th generation founder, Maurice Hennessy from France, inside of the luxurious Suits Bar in Trump Towers Toronto and 15 minutes of the hour we had was spent on Hennessy and Hip ...


5 Things Belvedere 101 Taught Me About Vodka

Now if you have only a few minutes, you can just read the top 5 short list, view the pics and move on. For more details because you are bored, you are arguing with your significant other and need a distraction or you are genuin...

Scotch, Toronto and Glenmorangie

We are happy to share one of our favorite libations with you. Scotch for some may be seen as a drink for older, stuffy individuals, but we love our scotch and would like to share with you a great story behind an amazing drink. ...


REDS Wine Tavern – Big Company Clout, Small Restaurant Passion

We love to uncover when we are wrong. We tend to enjoy cuisine from single restaurant, chef hands on, passionate places and try to pass on franchises or chains. REDS being owned by Sircorp, made us believe that we would get sta...
Sake Stories

Daisuke Itzsu – Toronto Sake Conjurs Emotions

We have not been so excited to showcase someone in a long time.  Here is Ken’s take on the amazing, Chef Daisuke Itzsu. I do not fancy myself a “writer” in the journalist sense, and frankly do not enjoy it as ...

Tides of Change – Sustainable Seafood Choices Luma Toronto

So we were invited to a lunch at O&B’s Luma, to raise awareness around what some amazing chefs are doing to reshape the culinary scene. Lead by Oceanwise, an organization that aims to educate and empower consumers abo...