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Bairrada Churrasqueira Another Tonque Twister With Great Food

        Bairrada Churrasqueira
Return Factor – I will am there every month
Location(s) –  3085 Hurontario St., Mississauga
                       1000 College St, Toronto
                       2293 St. Claire Ave, Toronto
Atmosphere – Casual
Price – $25 a person
Notes:  The service at the Mississauga location is under par, though the food is still good.

With its three locations this Portuguese Restaurant is synonymous with great food, enjoyed in a sociable atmosphere.  Many associate Portuguese food only with the many little rotisserie chicken places that dot the city, but the cuisine is so much deeper then that.  Hearty dishes of salt fish and potato, roasted whole suckling pig, fresh seafood aplenty and some damn good fried pork rinds are just a few worth mentioning.  Avoid falling in to your comfort zone, leave the rotisserie chicken with the tasty red sauce, the rice and the potato balls in the coup and try something fabulous and new.  Want to know where to start?  Well check out my appetizer only choices below.

Portuguese cuisine is also known for this dish.  Caldo Verde.  It is Kale soup, however it can be made with many different types of greens.  It has the consistency of Chinese corn soup, a light flavor, is made with chorico and is a flavorful starter.
Can anyone say cheese heaven.  Queijo Fresco or fresh Portuguese cheese reminiscent of a formed ricotta served with the famous tasty red sauce or Piri-Piri.  Piri-Piri is a chili based sauce and always has tons of flavor.  The cheese is refreshing, clearly fresh and a cheese lovers delight.  Just like ricotta, it is perfect with just about anything.  You have to try this.  

Portuguese cuisine is also known for its baked goods and breads.  I ate the cheese with the bread and bit of the Piri-Piri.  So good.

The bread

Their famous flaming sausage.  It is a chorizo style sausage set on fire with Portuguese moonshine in the clay vessel above just enough to grill the outside.  The aromas coming from the sizzling and crackling sausage was just beautiful.

Portuguese Beer.  It was light, high carbonation and reminded me of a classic lager. 
Bairrada Churrasqueira on UrbanspoonBairrada Churrasqueira on Urbanspoon

Bairrada Churrasqueira on Urbanspoon

Bairrada Churrasqueira Grill on Restaurantica




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