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Posted November 29, 2011 by samuek in Events

Blue Dragon Toronto Charity Food Event Burns Me

So I was invited to compete in a charity competition for the product launch of Blue Dragon.  Blue Dragon is offering a set of Asian inspired sauces that can be found in Metro & No Frills.  The competition invited 10 food writers from Toronto to prepare their best dishes using the Blue Dragon sauces.  It was similar to  “Chopped” on Food Network and in retrospect, just as stressful as it looks on television (at least for me).   

The event hosted was hosted at Calphalon  on King, where we were greeted and fed with dishes prepared by Calphalon in-house chefs.  Fresh and fried spring rolls, noodles and Chicken pakoras prepped us for the challenge to come.  The winner of this competition would get a donation from Blue Dragon to their favorite charity.  It was then I started to get nervous.   

For anyone who knows me, I am a caring, doting chef who creates some great food but takes forever doing it.  So if your ever invited to my house for dinner, eat before you come.  We were taken to the Calphalon cooking kitchens which had everything you could possibly need to cook pretty much anything.  Apparently they hold many courses here and is really a beautiful facility to learn.

My day started with attempting to make an Asian inspired phyllo pastry, but ran out of time and for the life of me I could not find a brush to butter the phyllo sheets.  So I changed quickly to a fresh spring roll using medium rare striploin strips, napa cabbage, carrot, sprouts with a dash of the green curry sauce inside.  Just a note, rice paper and me do not get along.  It was hard to keep it from folding and sticking to itself.

I was clearly outclassed in a timed event, but give me 8 hours and I will kill it.  I had tons of fun despite losing but am thankful to Blue Dragon for giving me a chance to win my favorite charity some money.  Check out the sauces when you get a chance and let me know your thoughts on them.




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