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Posted August 13, 2011 by samuek in

Bring Fun Back To Dining & Go To Guu Sakabar

House cured Saba sushi

Bring back the fun in eating and drinking.  Bring back the loud, the people, the unique dishes, the interactive servers and the memories.  Leave the stuffy, pretentious and candlelit white table cloths at home.  Go to Guu’s second location in Toronto and sit beside a total stranger and start a conversation. 

The space at Guu Toronto’s second location at Bloor and Bathurst has a new twist.  You will get the same general lively and communal seating area but will also have the choice of a more traditional single table in a tatami style.  Tatami being the sunken floors where shoes have to be removed.  I would never sit there as it takes away the core attraction to Guu but some may be stuffy and want “their own table.” 

As for my preference I like the Church street location better.  See my review here.  The portions are definitely better and the servers, if they stay, I find are more genuine and less English.  This is something I like.

This is one of the best dishes, though it is a tiny portion.  Takowasabi has the right amount of wasabi and vinegar and is reminiscent of an octopus ceviche

I would not order this again as the batter was too thick but the sauce was amazing.

Fried Chicken what?  Ooh I wish I has some right now.  Colonel Sanders is livid.

Spicy salmon, was spicy and salmony and that’s all I have to say about that.

Maguro tataki, lightly grilled and raw inside.

An unimpressive picture of a really tasty dish.  Saba, saba, saba.

Beef tongue is really good and if you do not try it, you have no…!  You know what I mean.  Grilled to medium rare, tender, tons of flavour, every time I go I order every variation of beef tongue as it always delights.

Natto Yuke.  I will say it again, do not run from Natto, embrace it, talk to it and maybe ask it how its day went.  The bowl as shown is mixed and placed in nori.  Such a perfect dish.

Kimchi udon or spicy noodles is a must to fill your stomach. 

Grilles saba, over extra seasoned sushi is another must have. 

Don’t forget to get your salmon neck on smother it with a sweet oyster

An unimpressive and overcooked Yaki Udon ordered for filler.  Do not order this dish.

A Rice Burger?  Yeah and it was so much better then what you salmon pizza lovers know.  This was fun and really messy.

Asahi Black beer is one of my top beers I have ever tasted and I wish I could get it at the LCBO.

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