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Posted September 15, 2011 by samuek in Uncategorized

Bubbly Is Not Just For Special Occasions

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I love to celebrate.  Big or small, get me some bubbly and a good group of friends or family and I am golden.  New Years and weddings, yes!  Saw a blue bird or found an ironed shirt, absolutely.  Life is short and we need to celebrate the little things.  Now we just happen to do it with Ontario VQA Sparkling.

Which brand do we choose to accompany our merriment?  Well, in the past when event frequency was low it was your typical $70 bottle of Moet.  I knew even then that a huge chunk of that price was advertising, but it was just so popular.
As we became more local driven in our buying and honestly didn’t want to spend $70 every other week on bubbly, we searched out alternatives.  Then one day, while looking for bubbly to celebrate a long day of house cleaning, we came across 2 sparkling wines made in Ontario that blew our minds for under $30.

That is not a typo.  Ontario has some fantastic, affordable sparkling wines.  The two that got us hooked were Henry of Pellham’s Cuvee Catherine and Angel’s Gate Archangel.  After tasting, our frequent celebrations were always whet by Ontario VQA Sparkling.  At under $30 a bottle, with similar, cool climate growing conditions to Champagne, France and naturally bottle fermented, I was loving Ontario much more.
What is even better is we have these beautiful Ontario sparkling wines being crafted right at our door step.  What a luxury to go see Ontario wine craftsmanship within a 45 minute drive.  I recently visited Angel’s Gate Winery and was astounded by the beauty of the property.  And, of course by the exceptional flavor of the sparkling wine.
So next time you trip and do not tear your clothes or get home without any traffic and are looking for something to celebrate with, choose something local.  Choose something tasty.  Choose an Ontario VQA Sparkling Wine, practice celebrating the small things and enjoy life.





    so i was at the lcbo the other day and got a lil bit o’ education. i didn’t know that “champagne” is soley accredited to a region in france that it comes from and in reference to the method of bottling! everything else is just sparkling wine! here i’m thinking i’m ballin outta control drinking “champagne” as a (LEGAL) kid. Asti and Martini and Rossi LMAO. total dork!


    and why is it the cheap shit always tastes better??? I hate Dom, Moet and Clicquot. tastes like goat piss


    Funny, yeah to be Champagne you have to be one of the houses in the Champagne region of France. Then there is the traditional method where the carbonation or “bubbles” are made naturally by letting the fermentation happen in the bottle. It releases gas and when you open, POP. The other way is more of a carbonated wine or what I call a wine pop. Too many great traditional method for me to even bother with the other. And about cheap stuff, no worries, we used to ball with Baby Duck. Ha.

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