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Posted July 3, 2011 by samuek in Uncategorized

Drake BBQ Closing

Had a craving for BBQ today.  Went into Drake BBQ to get my fix.  The air was rife with smoke from the smoker.  This is a good thing.  Asked what time they closed.  He said today forever 🙁

Now Drake BBQ was never the best in town, but it did have BBQ brisket above and Pork Shoulder last, worth ordering again.

If you did not know the Drake hotel served BBQ but have been to the Drake, then lay off the sauce.

Small menu focusing on quality.  The guy behind the counter said they are closing to expand the Drake restaurant space but are keeping the smoker for the restaurant.  This means potentially ribs, chicken and pulled pork and brisket, but we will see.

Pulled pork

The Drake BBQ on Urbanspoon

Drake Hotel on Restaurantica




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