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Posted August 9, 2011 by samuek in Uncategorized

El Trompo Mexican Food


El Trompo in Kensignton serves some of the best Mexican fare.  The place is small, in summer it is hot and the food rocks.  Like when you eat the corn tortilla and it actually tastes like corn.  You can order huitlacoche or corn mold, a Michelada or “the best Mexican hangover drink ever,” tacos and enjoy one of my favorite beers, Negra Modelo.  

Miya’s pick is a corn mold and corn quesadilla.  It was earthy, with a tapenade texture and crunchy sweet corn.  This shot was the quesadilla opened up to expose the contents.

House made guacamole was a bit smoother then I like and did not have enough jalapeno.  It was still packed with fresh avocado flavour but was missing that punch of citrus and pepper I love.

The Michelada or the Mexican Caesar.  It is Negra Modelo, or any beer, mixed with chili and other spices and tomato juice.  The perfect hangover drink.  I would know.  I would suggest to constantly stir the drink at it separates very fast and you will get all spice at the bottom.

The tacos.  I asked for chorizo, chicken and Mexican street style pork which came with pineapple.  They do not offer this combination normally so I had to negotiate for a mixed plate.  The chorizo was the star hands down.  Not spicy, full of flavour and served ground up. 

At every table there are 2 sauces of green and red chili.  Both were spicy but not mind blowing.  The green was my favorite with the tacos but the red had more flavour with a deep smokiness to it.  So good.

Kensington is host to many Latin American restaurants and El Trompo is worth the visit.  




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