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Posted August 4, 2011 by samuek in Uncategorized

Fish Bar Tweetup

I visited Fishbar as part of their Tweetup with some local Twitter foodies.  Met some great people and ate some great food.  Go to fishbar and try something new.

Oysters were fresh, briny and sweet

Seafood with a conscience?  I know this sounds like a contradiction in a world where global economy continually pushes natural resources to the brink in the pursuit of profit.  However, some groups do not subscribe to this unsustainable strategy and opt to pursue a path less traveled.  Though not blazing trails per se, Fishbar at Ossington and Dundas offers up an almost complete Oceanwise menu.

What does it mean to have an Oceanwise menu?  Well, it means that the seafood offered at the restaurant are all sourced from sustainable providers.  To put it simply, we are not driving the seafood to extinction.  Yes, you can have a great meal and not destroy the fish population.  This is what makes Fishbar special.  They care enough to offer quality seafood that will still be around for our future generations.  

Calamari was my least favorite dish

Oceanwise is a cool idea, but does that mean that the food is not as tasty?  I would say the food is just fine.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have a love affair with the handful of Japanese restaurants serving beautiful fish.  Beautiful fish that you will find on many endangered and extinct proximity lists.  Beautiful fish like Bluefin Otoro tuna, which is at the top of the extinction list and my Omakases.  It is just so hard I say, however I promise to attempt to be a better food person.  Just don’t quote me.  At Fishbar, supporting sustainability is not a gimmick so count on high quality, beautiful food and gracious hospitality.

Fried smelts should replace fries.  Burgers and Smelts anyone?

I spoke to the owner Jaime who ran me down some basics about the concept of Fishbar.  Fried smelts, sashimi mackerel, mussels and oysters with all supporting ingredients obtained within a 100 mile radius.  These are the places we need to support.  Food shortages throughout the world, scientists calling for local sourcing and quality restaurants like Fishbar truly listen and act.  I believe he felt it is the food purveyors duty to educate the masses that sustainable fish like smelts, sardines and anchovies can hold their weight against fish we may never see again.           

White anchovy is my mistress

Still not convinced?  Fishbar also happens to have Botarga and White Anchovy.  White anchovy that just happened to blow my mind.  This has to be the best dish on the menu.  Citrus, ocean, salt and butter attack your tongue and force you to submit.  White Anchovy makes me feel like I am sitting on the coast of Sicily, bartering with a fisherman that I do not understand.    


What do you think this is?  Tomato?  Tuna?  Nope, Salmon.  Wild caught Sockeye Salmon.  Most of us think pink when picturing Salmon then Fishbar just blows me away with this gorgeous red coloured, tartare.  Yes, its red and yes it is Salmon.  So good.


The only thing that would of made these mussels better would be some al dente noodles to sop up the remaining sauce.   


 Mackerel sashimi was good and was served with this intensely sour cumquat that paired perfectly


Diver scallops, cooked medium, served with an insane mais, reminiscent of chick peas.  


Their Octopussy or Oyster Martini.    


Perfectly spiced ceviche.

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