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Posted June 10, 2011 by samuek in Food Joints

Guu Izakaya – Part 1

Guu is an “Izakaya” or a traditional Japanese bar.  Think of it as Japanese tapas.  It is not important what it is just go to Guu Izakaya.  It is one of the most interesting places to eat in Toronto.  If you like quiet romantic spots, do not go.  If you like a vibrant location with a serious pulse to it, unique food, then go.  However, plan for a 2 hour wait at all times and outside not inside, no matter the weather.  Yes I said it…2 hours.  I have been here at least 6 times and am willing to wait as it is that much fun. 

                        GUU IZAKAYA

Return Factor – I am probably there now
Location 1 – Guu Izakaya – 398 Church Street Toronto, O.N. M5B 2A2
Location 2 – Guu Sakabar – 559 Bloor Street W, Toronto, O.N. M5S 1Y6
Atmosphere – Fun, Loud and Casual
Price – $50 a person


When you get in the whole restaurant stops and greets you in Japanese with “Irashaimase,” which means “welcome.”  It is loud and alive with chatter.  You sit down and are given their main menu and also a weekly specials menu.  Always order from the specials menu.  Each dish is roughly $10 and for the most part is a tapas size serving.  I love recipe books and bought this one to try and replicate the experience at home.   Izakaya: The Japanese Pub Cookbook

Here is a shot of the interior boasting a large family style seating area.  So basically you sit at a communal table and end up sitting beside people to eat or sit at their bar where you can see everything the cooks are doing.  There is so much interesting food and drink choices to choose from so you may have to exercise some control or risk cleaning out the menu as we always do.
Vancouver Uni served with Nori wrappers.  I did not use the nori as Uni is perfect sashimi style. 
Sake Shots
Agedashi Tofu or Tofu in a sweet broth (dashi).
Maguro (tuna) Tataki.  Tataki is basically fish cooked rare.
Yummy – Braised cow tongue skewers with a side of mustard.
 Salmon Poke.  Poke is a Hawaiian dish where raw fish is dressed with sesame seed oil, seaweed, soya sauce amongst other things.  I ate this everyday in Hawaii.
Giant sized Sapporo Draft.  A staple here with customers of all sizes enjoying.
Salmon Natto served with nori wrappers.  Salmon, natto, quail egg, green onion and cucumbers.  Natto is fermented soya bean and is said to be an acquired taste.  I think it is just great.    
Grilled Saba – Mackerel  

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