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Posted April 11, 2012 by samuek in

I Had a Crappy Meal & Loved It

So I was asked to interview Bob Blumer and take some pictures of a promotional event for his new Food Network TV show.  It is called “World’s Weirdest Restaurants,” and showcases Bob Blumer traveling around the world to uncover the craziest, most unique restaurants.  To promote this show Bob collaborates with Chef Anthony Rose, formally of The Drake Hotel to host a pop-up restaurant and man was it fun.

We get to our table and our place setting has a red clown nose, a blindfold, chopsticks and some toilet paper.  Yeah, some toilet paper.  The first meal was called “Monkey Business,” and truly was crazy.  Bob Blumer came out in a monkey suit serving karaage or Japanese Fried Chicken and a pint of Sapporo.  This was to celebrate the fact that he was served beer by actual monkeys in Japan.  The trailer showed this but I was more interested at how fresh and tasty the fresh sardine looked.

The next round was called “The Blind Leading the Blind.”  You’ll see what I mean shortly.  This was particularly challenging for me as I had to take pictures but also did not want to miss the experience.  I obviously ended up missing a worthy shot of the food but did get me feeling around for my dish.  We were told to put on the blindfold and attempt to guess what we were served and also to attempt to drink our beer.  This was fun and I blew the guessing game completely.  It was a Parmesan crisp sitting in a cup of broccoli soup with a crab cake on a spoon.  He also went around and brushed his fingers lightly against everyone to up the experience.  As homage to places like O.NOIR in Montreal, Bob asked everyone to be silent and snap their Parmesean crisp in unison to see how loud it would be.  The steam from the soup ruined this but you get the drift.   

Then the Coup De Gras came.  A toilet on a pink furry rug, rolled right by the whole group and plopped right in front of everyone.  As, they passed I noticed that Vikram Vij had joined us and was laughing heartily.  Apparently, Chef Anthony Rose got the curry recipe from Vij and this was a shitty homage.    

As they lift the lid of the bowl the whole place lit up with flashes from cameras and a bit of pushing and shoving occurred as attendees fought for the best picture.  I may have knocked over a few old ladies but I did get some great pictures.  The servers came with bowls filled with braised beef and Bob Blumer ladelled curry over the dishes out of a toilet bowl.  I was too busy to dwell on the fact and decided to enjoy the food.  It was some bomb azz curry and the beef was so tender.  The large potatoes I could have done without but overall it was amazing. 

 The meal was fun, entertaining and was well worth the trip to The Drake.  To finish, we were served some super light, tasty doughnuts that I had left on the table so long meeting everyone that I forgot to eat them.  I am not a doughnut guy so this was easy to do.  When I was leaving I realized I forgot them and decide to enjoy and I was not let down.  Maple bacon was my favorite.  Thanks to Glory Hole Doughnuts for the treats.  That’s her in the red shirt with blindfold.  Look for my interview with Bob Blumer coming soon.




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