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Posted November 7, 2013 by samuek in Events

Martha Stewart Meets The Delicious Show

I am a fan of anyone who can come in any game so late and literally take over.  She’s second only to maybe Oprah.  Yet, for some reason there are many people who discount her draw.  Her star power.

I am by no stretch of the imagination a Home and Lifestyle buff, I just respect those who have done amazing things in their lives and Martha Stewart is one.

She was one of the main draws for The Delicious Show 2013.  The Delicious show is not unlike The Gourmet Food and Wine Show and the many other food shows around.  I find it boasts a younger demographic and was made up in large part of trend making businesses.  I for one have done every show I can think of and always say the same thing.  It is not necessarily about the show but more about the company you bring. Bring the right people and the world is your oyster.

The show was filled with food trucks like Lisa Marie, top restos like Origin and Rock Lobster Company and some great alcohol like Samuel Adams and Tequila Tromba.

Some stand outs for me:

Seeing Martha Stewart though she looked very uncomfortable at times.  Heck she is 75, so what does she care?

Running into Christine Cushing who always remembers my name and welcomes with a warm smile.  She was one of the first to get me on to what real olive oil is.  Do you know most of Canada’s stock is cut with canola?  If it is not in a dark container, it is probably not good olive oil.  Just saying.

I like only 3 pie companies in the city. The Pie Commission, Pie Guyz and now Kanga Pies.  The crust was buttery and rich with a killer moist filling.  Great balance guys and thanks for introducing me to Katy Perry?

I used to travel to the US for business and the bars down there would have 8 taps of different Samuel Adams brews.  It was nice to get variety while traveling from a familiar name.  Similar to how I feel about the Hop City set of brews. Seeing them at the show brought back memories of my travels.  I enjoyed the Octoberfest and have been known to drink the Lager in pints.

Some people that made my night:

Matt from Rock Lobster sat with my wife and talked food, played with my daughter and looked like someone who has been around family before.  My 2 year old daughter destroyed the simple old bay seasoned boil and a lobster roll all buttered up is perfect.

Jason (owner) and Nuit (chef/owner) from Sabai Sabai had one of the best dishes of the show and were wonderful people to talk to. Our kids played together while we talked Thai food and turns out my wife knew Jason through some other friends. Small world. I spoke with Nuit about the cuisine and how Tom Yum Soup is my barometer for Thai food.  It is a soup that has to balance all flavours of sweet, sour, salty, spicy and tart at once.  If one is off you will be able to tell. When they are in balance it is the perfect soup.  She explains that having the soup at an event has the water evaporating and pushing it to the salty side.  So she had to keep tasting it throughout the day to make adjustments.  My palate did not catch anything wrong and loved it.  However, my favorite dish of the show was their fragrant and aromatic Kao Soi.  Curry egg noodles with beef.  I had two bowls.  They also mentioned that Sabai Sabai is akin to saying IRIE in Jamaica.

Another cool concept was from the people at View The Vibe.  A central set of food booths with a lounge boasting 8 restaurants, drinks, a large screen showcasing restaurant videos and comfortable couches all accented the VTV Lounge as they called it.  I had a coffee concentrate there that is brewed where you just add water.  That was nice way to get a quick coffee fix and for iced could not tell is was concentrate.  It was called Northwood Brewed Coffee Concentrate.

Abbey’s Kicthen also had a huge turn out for their battle with judges, David Rocco, Susur Lee, Christine Cushing, Leslie Roberts, John Chiles and Deanna Makinskyj.  The winner of this was of course Dustin Gallagher of Acadia.  No Surprise there.

I hope you attend any show with the right people and maybe I will see you at the next food show.  




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