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Posted July 29, 2011 by samuek in Swag

Menchie’s Endless Combinations And Lots Of Fun


Menchie’s is by no means revolutionary.  Their flavors are no better then the competition.  Their yogurt typically contains more sugar then most others.  And their prices?  Like parking in Yorkville!  So why go to Menchie’s?  Go to Menchie’s because it’s fun.  Find your inner child and go play with your food.  Go to Menchie’s because they have 50 or so flavours but only carry 10 or so in rotation.  This is a great strategy to me.  Like a restaurant with a million menu items, too many options just complicates things.   

Menchie’s is basically a self-serve frozen yogurt joint that charges by weight.  Grab a cup, fill with yogurt, add toppings then pay.  You can sample flavours first to see which one tempts you.  The sample helped me avoid the Red Velvet cupcake frozen yogurt which was spoon of butter rich and just too much.  I shared a straightforward concoction of mocha, vanilla, chocolate with cashews and strawberries.  With all the options for toppings from marshmallow sauce to nuts and candy, go and enjoy. 

Berries, dried fruit, gummy worms, tapioca, chocolate covered nuts and a stunning array of breakfast cereal.  To digress, I have a real issue with the word “breakfast cereal.”  It is comical really to call some of these items breakfast cereal when the sugar content would rival some of the richest butter and sugar laden desserts.  Most mainstream cereals offered today should really be found in the candy aisle.  Having said this, it is the perfect ice cream, frozen yogurt or dessert item.

I personally like to keep it simple and go with just a few ingredients. My favorite Reese’s Pieces, with cinnamon toast crunch and vanilla.

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