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Posted June 22, 2011 by samuek in Events

New Smoked Meat Champion in Toronto

Some may know Shwartz’s in Montreal and some may know Katz’s Deli in New York, but have you heard of Caplansky’s or Goldin’s?  Well if you haven’t and love smoked meat, then you should go visit.  If you were lucky enough to have made it to the 2011 Deli Duel, then you got to taste 3 talented delis.  It would have been 4 but Wolfie’s backed out.  That was almost as disappointing as not having Pancers there but that will never happen. The duel allowed 3 delis to show off their goods with the proceeds going to “The Stop” community food center aiming to promote affordable, healthy and sustainable food.  Good food and charity…perfect.

The Duel was held in the beautiful Wychwood Barns Park, which is a community area centered around an old retrofitted barn.  Wychwood has a water park, playground, open fields, a greenhouse and gardens.  The day was perfect with bright sun, casual clouds, a curious cool breeze, a live band playing music, a beer area serviced by Steamwhistle beer and Tipicular Fixins a boutique food and drink consultant and of course the meat.  Lots and lots of meat.
So who were the competitors offering one of my favorite sandwiches? Well first there was Caplansky’s, last years reigning champ. 
Caplansky’s was my top choice as well as my daughters.  They unanimously agreed on Caplansky’s which is noteworthy as my eldest caveatted that with but I like Schwartz’s in Montreal better.  I felt the meat had the right amount of flavour, not too much salt and a crust where the rub didn’t overpower the meat.

Then there was Goldin’s, the 2011 winner of Deli Duel.  I enjoyed their sandwich also immensely but felt it was saltier then Caplanksy’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I would eat at both and enjoy but it was a competition and we made our choice. 

When you order smoked meat you usually will get a choice of lean, medium or fatty.  If you look at the pictures you can which cut I prefer.

Last but not least was Stockyards.  I loved their sandwich which had coriander seeds in the rub and a slight citrus taste absent in the more classic offerings of Caplansky’s and Goldin’s.  To me it felt like Stockyards went out on a limb and tried something new that resulted in a great sandwich.

After we ingested our fair share of smoked meat (FYI – I do giggle sometimes after writing “ingesting smoked meat”) we headed to the alcohol area and was treated to an amazing gin drink created by Tipicular Fixins.  Yes I said that out loud…I had an amazing Gin drink.  Tipicular Fixins was promoting Victoria Gin, Canada’s first premium gin with a cocktail made of orange bitters, rhubarb caramel, lemon juice and Victoria Gin.  Want the recipe….click here.

Who do you think is the best deli in Toronto?

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