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Posted December 20, 2011 by samuek in Uncategorized

New Toronto Lounge SUITS To Open In Trump Towers Toronto Hotel

We know them all. The Hazelton has One, Thompson and Park Hyatt have their Roof Lounges, Soho has Senses and Ritz-Carleton has Toca. Now we may have to add a layer in Toronto above all these, except when putting on the Ritz, for what the Trump Brand has slated for Jan 31, 2012. Their lounge offering called SUITS, located at Bay and Adelaide, will attempt to capture the uber-luxury, power lunch, Bay St. clientele.  I am none of these but will still be there.

You may ask yourself, “so who cares,” anyone can throw money into a pit if they had tons of it to waste. Well from the sounds of it we may be in for a surprise. And not just on the tab.
SUITS drink menu has been created by Master Sommelier John Szabo, known for his work with the Terroni Group amongst others. This will include:

  • Signature cocktails boasting a martini made of cherry blossom-infused vodka created by an artisanal distiller  exclusively for SUITS that you can pair with caviar.
  • A deep wine list is understood but they also plan to offer one of the country’s most impressive lists of organic, natural and bio-dynamically produced sustainable wines and local craft beers.
  • For those who are looking for a light or non-alcoholic option, you can ask for non-alcoholic antioxidant protein shakes.
  • For some reason SUITS has distinctly pointed out their vodka selection. Rasputin and Pravda be warned?

Food options are not shared beyond “light fare for time-sensitive business people. I wonder if I had three hours before my next business trip, what they would serve me? For more detail check out my next post coming up on the exciting opening of STOCK, Trump Tower’s full restaurant offering.




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