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Posted June 9, 2011 by samuek in Food Joints

Nobu Waikiki Hawaii – Engagement

Have you been to any of Nobu’s worldwide restaurants?  I would love to hear if the experience was as exceptional in lets say Dubai or Melbourne.

Me outside of Nobu Waikiki, Hawaii

Nobu Waikiki Website

Hawaii in one word was frustrating.  Yes, I said it…frustrating.  Now don’t get me wrong, it was breathtakingly beautiful and an irreplaceable experience, but let me explain.   When my family and I went, we loved the food and the associated culture but at the time I was not as passionate about documentation.  So basically I left without hundreds of potential pictures of great food, cooking methods, outdoor markets, fresh ingredients, unique dishes in restaurants and oh so many other things.  What I did get is really a short set of pictures from the world famous and a love for Nobu’s cooking.  Nobu: The Cookbook

New style Sashimi.  New style being that the raw fish is drizzled with hot oil.  Fish was Kampachi with an artfully crafted tomato with the skin peeled back

So we ordered the $110 – 9 course Omakase and it did not disappoint. It turned out to be one of the best meals I have had up to that time.  Missing is the Sushi and Sashimi course containing live octopus and the freshest otoro ever.  I for whatever reason decided not to take a picture of it as I must have been shoving it down my throat before the plate had left the server’s hand.  No Nobu was not there….and yes I did ask.

STUFF 101:  

Omakase Japanese word for “entrust.”  Used at Japanese establishments it is letting the Chef select your meal.  This can be in the form of a selection of the best and freshest fish or a set course tasting menu.  It is an essential word to know if you love sushi.

Tip MeNever order from the menu at a real sushi bar.  Ask if they have an Omakase offering.  Omakase will let you try the best the chef has to offer.  These can range from $30 to anything really.


I would eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Bluefin Otoro Tartare topped with Black Caviar – Simply luxurious!  There are not many places who would take such a valuable and perfect cut of Bluefin and tartare it but at Nobu, anything goes.  

STUFF 101:  
Bluefin = the most flavourful type of tuna
Otoro = the most prized cut of tuna taken from the top portion closest to the head.  See picture below. 


Yum is an understatement

Sashimi of Ocean Snapper..yes I know its a bad picture

Miso Gindara (black cod) flaky and sweet with a mushroom mix and a yuzu foam

Washu Beef, Foie Gras and an engagement ring.  This dish was enlightening.  The Foie Gras was buttery and grilled perfectly and the flavour of the Washu was complex and texture was tender.

STUFF 101:  Washu = Cross between Black Angus and Wagyu cows = tasty.

Top view of the same

Nobu Chefs graciously congratulating my now wife saying yes.  This was a chocolate canelle with an insane peanut butter crumble and a passion fruit relish.  Nobu’s own sake (NOBU “THE SAKE”  JYUNMAI DAIGINJO) in the wooden vessel.

For anyone who is interested, we took the menu for memories.  Yes we asked.




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