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North 44 – Oh Man it’s North 44


                   North 44
Return Factor – Definitely Return
Location – 2537 Yonge St, Toronto  Ontario M4P 2H9
Atmosphere – Dressy & Uber Fine Dining
Price – $80 a person

As if North 44 isn’t the one of the best restaurants in the city.  As if  I would blame copious amounts of great wine and port for taking some pretty crappy pictures of some of the best food in Toronto.  If Mark McEwan, owner, saw these pictures, he would email me to meet up with him so he could slap me in the face.  I would gladly accept, then threaten to sue or let me eat free at North 44 or One and maybe if I had nothing else to do Bymark or Fabricca.  Maybe even a years supply of whatever from his specialty store McEwan? 

Can you say Peekytoe Crab Cake.  Wow!

Before I continue I have to get something off my chest.  There always seem to be people who complain about the prices and serving sizes at fine dining establishments.  I agree there are places who provide crappy food, small sizes and charge a lot.  However, like North 44, there are many restaurants who provide art and massive flavour worth every hundred dollar bill.  If your not full, order more.    

You may not be able to tell but this is foie gras and is the second best foie gras dish I have ever had.  Seared foie gras with toasted brioche, rhubarb compote and lychee reduction.  What is the first?  It’s a tie between Aszu in Montreal and Nobu in Hawaii.  I am hoping Au Pied du Cochon will change my mind.

 Veal tenderloin with cherry glazed sweetbreads, crispy potato leek pancake and ragout of morels and fava beans.

Pan seared Dover sole with sauté of roe, honey mushrooms, lemon slivers and brown butter.  The roe is on the right and was spectacular.  I thought it was botarga but it wasn’t.  It was cured roe but not botarga.  

Close up of the Dover Sole.  Dover Sole is to Continental cuisine what Peking Duck, served traditionally with the thin pancakes, green onion and hoisin is to Chinese cuisine.  It is a great 80’s carry over that should never go out of style…or my stomach.  

I love my port and this is a trio of port.  PORT SAMPLER (1 oz each)  Taylors and Grahams 10 year, 20 year & late bottled vintage.  

 This dessert was served with lavender and I just didn’t get it.  Should I?

Select pastries sampler platter.

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