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Posted January 5, 2012 by samuek in Uncategorized

Not Just Another Toronto Burger Joint Review – The Works Oakville

Oh yes, another burger joint review.  Oh yes, this review has details about burgers.  And oh yes, it is not your average burger joint.  After visiting The Works in Oakville I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back and eat or come back and invest in a franchise.  Everything The Works does has the customer in mind which to me is a recipe for success.  See that play on words?  Did you see it?  

To me when it comes to burgers, there are 3 categories:  The Greasy Spoon Wonder – Think Johnny’s & Burger Priest, the “Quality” burger – think Craft Burger (now Big Smoke Burger) and Stockyards and the “WTF” burger – Think Nota Bene Wagyu Beef Brisket Burger or Susur Lee’s Cheese Burger Spring Rolls…yeah, that just happened.  The Works falls in the second category of the “Quality” burger and does it 68 ways.

That’s not a typo, you can have your burger over 68 ways.  Technically, you can have it 408 ways as the 68 topping combos are available on Pure Ground Beef, Whole Chicken Breast, Ground Turkey, Veggie Burger Portobello Mushroom Cap and Domestic Elk for $3.29 upgrade.  I shared a R.O.F. chicken breast, All The Hits Portebello and of course a plain cheeseburger to taste the meat.  Though the beef is between lean and extra lean, they care for the cooking and a simple squeeze of the meat exposes the tasty juices.  Wonderful.

I can tell you that this restaurant is definitely worth the visit in one sentence.  A seriously customer focused business, serving great burgers, bomb azz milkshakes and outstanding poutine in the perfect space.  Everything else to me is nothing more then details.  Now I could go on for days about the lengths the owners have gone to respect the community, build a special work environment, create special food and manage their daily customer line-ups but in all honesty, the owners would tell you themselves.  Go there, order and burger and a milkshake and ask to meet the owners and chat with them.   

The Works is an Ottawa native, purchased from its original owner with 11 locations, line-ups at each location and very, very big plans. The Oakville location houses roughly 75 seats, the decor alone is worth the trip being dotted with Oakville and owner memorabilia.  I really enjoyed the space.

Did I mention that all drinks are served in these Pyrex glasses.  The current owners wanted to keep as much of the founding owners concepts and details as possible out of respect for their hard work building this business and because it works.  

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