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Posted October 31, 2014 by samuek in Blog Archive

Ontario Gas BBQ – Pulled Pork – Hoptimus Prime

For many food lovers, making a pilgrimage to unique retail experiences like Ontario Gas BBQ is like taking a child to Disney World.

Having only visited this mecca of BBQ madness for the first time recently, I am reminded that I have not lost my penchant for being curious. It is more then, “you name it and they have it,” it is a veritable foodie toy store.

I visited the location in Vaughan, which claims to be the largest BBQ store in the world, to support the brand and Ted Reader. Ted is what you could call my BBQ Yoda and also a really nice guy. Having run into Ted only a few weeks before at the Delicious Show I attended with my daughter, he immediately asks about her by name with a wide, warm smile. This is part of his charm. Though my daughter did engage Ted in conversation and she leaves quite the impression (shameless pug?).

The store was hosting an event labelled “Duff & Ted’s Up In Smoke Extravaganza” which boasted pulled pork sammies, slow roasted brisket and the chance to win 1 of 5 beautiful Grill Pro Traditional Horizontal Offset Smokers.

Food was prepared by Ted in his Hoptimus Prime food truck, which I think is the coolest Food Truck out there to help draw crowds to support the cause.

All proceeds of the event went towards a wonderful charity called CAMP BUCKO, which is a camp for children who are burn survivors. click the link to learn more about them.

The smokers the store was giving away were wonderful and came in sizes where I could pretty much smoke myself…cold smoke of course. Here I am lovingly caressing this toy I wish I owned.


I had 5 chances to win one and wanted to win really…really…bad. I did not win one but the whole experience was fun and got to eat and shop while they called the names. Others attendees were excited to win but also enjoyed swapping BBQ techniques while Duff “the BBQ Nerd” Dixon and Ted Reader called out the winners.

I learned that putting a large bag of ice on the breast of a turkey an hour before you roast it will help even out the cooking time from legs and thighs to breast. Cool right?

When I smoke at home I usually make a foil pack with wet wood and put it on the heat under the grills on the left side and place the protein on the right side, off heat. This works well but BBQs do not seal like smokers and the results vary. So getting a smoker has always been high on my list. The green egg is usually the most popular but the store showed me so many options that have both functional and visual benefits.

The larger version of the giveaway model and the vertical smokers were my favourite as they had a unique frontier look that appealed to me.

And, if that was not enough, Ontario Gas BBQ surprisingly had some of the products on my “One-Day List.”

La Caja China – If this is not on your list, it should be. Some of the best pig roasts I have experienced have come out of these by Toronto Chefs at restaurants like Marben.

Pimento Wood – Straight for Jamaica and mandatory if you plan to make “Authentic” Jerk chicken or pork. Have wanted to make Jerk from scratch for awhile now.

Killer Pizza Ovens – These were huge and could just imagine myself making pizza everyday in my giant winter jacket, shivering like subwoofers.

Built-In BBQ Islands could run you $25,000 plus, but man would I never cook inside again.




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