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Posted July 2, 2011 by samuek in Food Joints

Pork Bone Ramen Dish

This is a dish I made for my friends daughter.  It took 12 hours and I had to stay over night to complete it.  Why you ask?  Cause good food is worth it.  I don’t use measurements much and just read many recipes and use logic to throw it together.  What I can tell you is there are many different recipes using miso or pork marrow or chicken stock.  I would go with pork bone marrow as you will get a rich and creamy consistency.  However the marrow takes awhile to boil out, hence my 12 hour process.  I actually use both pork hocks and add miso at the end, along with the classics like dashi, sesame seed oil and kombu.  I tried to make char siu but buying it at Chinese vendors is so cheap and is way better tasting then mine so now I buy it.  Anyways it turned out great and my friends daughter loved the smiley face before destroying it.




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