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Posted July 16, 2011 by samuek in Events

Since When Does The Word Stinky Attract People To Food?

Well, at the Night It Up event in Markham, it was probably the single most effective marketing strategy they employed.  I could not walk 2 steps without someone passing by and saying the words “stinky tofu.”  What is stinky tofu?  Well, it is tofu that is, well, stinky.  Clearly, we all need to rethink the way we market ourselves, because “this was Gold Jerry, Gold!”

Though the food was amazing and so diverse, the coolest part for me was watching, front row and center how food is made.  Some restaurants use glass windows to show off the kitchen and their staff, here it is in your face. 

The stinky tofu frying away.  It is fermented and has a pungent fish sauce odor.  We had to park far away and was bombarded with the aroma from the get go.  Not even the smoke from the grills which filled the air could tame the tofu.  Though the odor is strong, not bad per se as I love fish sauce in dishes, the tofu was really good.  It tasted like other fried tofu but salty and earthy.

There were so many food vendors, it was unbelievable.  I just could not get all the on camera.  Partially because of the amount of vendors but more so because there was so many people.  The rows of vendors were about 10 feet wide and that area was compact.  It was worse then leaving a Raptor game.

There were tons of omelet makers serving everything from traditional to a really good oyster omelet.

Curry Chicken Balls

Lamb, beef, pork, chicken, heart, kidney, fish ball skewers were everywhere.

The oyster omelet

The oyster omelet almost completed

These suckers caused the largest line ups tying with stinky tofu.  They were shrimp, hot dogs and other things tempura’d with the batter wrapped in a tornado style

Malaysian Muburak

BBQ and Chinese Sausage

Stinky Tofu as it is served with some onions and sambal olek.

These were popular also.  

More BBQ

 These were great.  Fried tofu skins stuffed with glass noodles, shrimp and pork topped with a sweet and sour sauce.

The filling

Pork belly on siopao that was more belly then pork




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