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Posted August 6, 2011 by samuek in Swag

Soma Chocolate Has The Best Cafe Affogato

Soma is one of those places where an adult can feel like a kid in a candy store.  They will bring out your inner child, forcing a battle of indecision in the face of a delectable chocolate army.  Go there to order high quality espresso.  Enjoy that espresso with with endless varieties of truffles and other chocolate themed delights.  But don’t leave.  Stay and watch the adult treats being crafted through their large viewing windows.  Yes Soma is a treat.

You can find them at one of their 2 locations on King West at Spadina or in the Historic Distillery District.  I prefer the King West Location as the viewing windows are huge allowing for a unique experience.  The Distillery district building has more character though is a lot smaller.  You will pretty much find the same products at both.  I was told by many people the Distillery location has a better espresso.  Barista issue maybe?

Soma makes tons of truffles, Chocolate dipped everything, bars, coffee products and killer gelato.  Chocoalte is infused with chili, lavender, olive oil and sea salt amongst other things.  It is also home to some of my favorite drinks in the city.   

My personal favorite and in my humble opinion the best in the city is the Cafe Affogato.  This is the perfect dessert for me with Madagascar vanilla gelato smothered in espresso.  The very first spoonful blasts you with a nutty, burnt caramel taste.  I wish I had one right now.  Wait, I can save these posts before finishing them right?  I will be right back.

Ok, I am back.  Man were those 4 Affogatos good.  My second favorite is the opening picture of the Bicerine or the Turin, Italy version of the Moccacino.  Though the moccacino has nothing on the Bicerene.  Not too heavy, perfect balanced sweetness and hint of the bitter raw cocoa.  I would also recommend the Soma Macaroon.  Enjoy.

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