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Posted February 16, 2013 by samuek in Events

Stratford Chef School – Chef In Residence – Chef Paolo Lopriore


  • A Perfect Egg Custard

    A Perfect Egg Custard

  • Astice ai Peperoni Dolci

    Astice ai Peperoni Dolci

  • Maccheroni alla Chitarra, Ragu D'Agnello

    Maccheroni alla Chitarra, Ragu D’Agnello

  • Filetti San Pietro

    Filetti San Pietro

  • Meringata...Che Passione

    Meringata…Che Passione

  • Playful Dessert

    Playful Dessert

  • Chef Paolo Lopriore

    Chef Paolo Lopriore


Thank you to Mary Luz Mejia for the invite to this wonderful meal by Chef Paolo Lopriore and introducing us to her beautiful daughter and husband over dinner. If you have not been to Stratford Chef School’s restaurant The Old Prune, then you are missing out. The service was impeccable, the decor simple and the space was dimly lit with the exception of a single spotlight shining down on the center of the table just so you can see every wonderful detail of your dish. For people like us who takes pictures, this was a godsend.

Chef Paolo was flown in from Italy to expose the students to native cuisine as the school does with chefs from all over the world. We were lucky to experience his take on Italian.

It is not often where think to ourselves, what should pasta be like? We have never been to Italy, had great pastas from some of the best Toronto has to offer when it comes to Italian food but these noodles made us rethink the noodle. We were served a rustic, hand made version, whose texture was coarse yet soft, resilient and springy. Wonderful experience and now the bar in which we measure all noodles.




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