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Posted April 3, 2012 by samuek in Uncategorized

Stratford Chef School – Chef In Residence – Chef Paolo Lopriore

Thank you to Mary Luz Mejia for the invite to this wonderful meal by Chef Paolo Lopriore and introducing me to her beautiful daughter and husband over dinner.

Wow, was this a great meal.  If you have not been to Stratford Chef School’s restaurant The Old Prune, then you are missing out.  The service was impeccable, the decor simple and the space was dimly lit with the exception of a single spotlight shining down on the center of the table just so you can see every wonderful detail of your dish.  For someone like me who takes pictures, this was a godsend.

A perfectly cooked, supple and silky custard, still slightly warm, in an egg shell, topped with fish roe.  I wish I had a few more of these.  The long thing in the back was their crustini.  They were huge, buttery and crispy.

Astice ai Peperoni Dolci or Lobster with a sweet pepper sauce.  Lobster was tender and fresh.  I thought the lobster would of be even better by itself.  The sweet pepper sauce was amazing on its own, enough for me to stop the server from taking my plate so I could get to it with bread.  

Maccheroni alla Chitarra, Ragu D’Agnello or Macaroni with Lamb Sauce.  This dish reminded me about how many bad pastas I have had and sometimes made.  The macaroni was rustic and the texture was rough allowing for the sauce to grab the noodle.  The lamb ragu was light, yet pronounced enough to know its lamb.  I am sure the plate was white before plating and I am sure the plate left just as white.

 Filetti San Pietro, Salsa ai Broccoletti or Whitefish with broccoli sauce.  Simple, light, tender and flaked perfectly with a light touch of the fork.  

Meringata…Che Passione or Meringue…What Passion.  The passion fruit sorbet exploded in my mouth.  The flaour was intense and completely cleansed my palate.  The meringue was meringue and the creme anglaise was creme anglaise.  However, putting them all together in one bite was pretty amazing.

This was such a playful and unexpected finish to the meal.  Marmalade toffee frico, truffles and a surprise chocolate treat.  Berries were frozen, then covered in chocolate to pop in the mouth when bitten.

Chef Paolo working with the Starford Chef School students, preparing the whitefish dish.




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