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Canada’s Largest Sake Festival – June 3, 2016 – Toronto

KAMPAI KAMPAI It is that time of year again. One of the PREMIUM FOOD AND DRINK EVENTS IN TORONTO and one of my TOP 5 events of the year. A massive sake festival, in the beautiful Fermenting Cellar, featuring over 300 different ...

You Say You Love Food? If You Are at the Startford Culinary Festival, I Will Believe You

Details first: Stratford Culinary Festival September 21 – 23, Stratford Ontario Let me start by sharing a story about food and Stratford.  For you Beiber fans, this has nothing to do with homegrown pop star, so let’...


Sake Stories – My Daughter & I Talk To Chef Hiro of Hiro Sushi Toronto

To help promote Kampai Toronto I have been dedicating many of my posts to Sake related stories.  This is another Sake Story for you pleasure and I hope you enjoy it! I am happy to share this conversation I had about sake with C...