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Re imagined Maple Leaf Tavern Opens

There is a sense of history when you walk into the Maple Leaf Tavern. It has been serving east of Yonge Torontonians since the 40’s. Now, redesigned, reimagined, reinvented, there is new life. It has a vibe you have to ex...

Negra Modelo – You Gotta Try This Beer

 Negra Modelo is a dark Mexican amber lager and I know you will enjoy it.  It is slightly creamy but not heavy and can be enjoyed not just with Mexican food like lime chicken or mole but also with rich desserts containing choco...


Schofferhofer Beer – You Gotta Try This Beer

I love this beer and you will too.  There is no bitterness, easy drinking, tons of flavour and down right just what beer should be.  Its German, it’s light and it sooo refreshing.  Did you know there is a proper way to po...

Schneider Organic Weisen-Edel Weisse – You Gotta Try This Beer

This is a great German beer, that is sweet and little smokey.  I really enjoyed this with spicy sausages.  German Hefeweizen500 ml6.2%Pair with sausages or bruschetta.

Peroni – You Gotta Try This Beer

I enjoyed draft Peroni in little Italy and will definitely drink this again.  It was a crisp and balanced beer that I enjoyed with pizza.   Italian Beer5.1% alcoholPair with light pasta or pizza

Japanese...For Real

Hitachino Nest – You Gotta Try This Beer

This beer is quite expensive at $3.85 in the liquor store but it is a very unique beer.  A white Belgian style ale boasting orange peel, nutmeg and coriander ingredients that work well to provide a perfect summer drink.  It com...

Blanche De Chambly – You Gotta Try This Beer

This is Canadian beer, Quebec specifically and is damn good.  It is one of the only bottle fermented beers which is a defining characteristic of champagne.  The company Unibroue advises to try one of these as a Mimosa by adding...