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Posted May 5, 2012 by samuek in Food Joints

Taste 100 Different Types of Sake in 1 Toronto Night

Well, if you didn’t know already I love my sake.  So when I heard about the Kampai Toronto sake festival right here in Toronto I was pumped.  Let me tell you why.  I usually have to go to New York to find an event like this and at times even the variety at stores to bring home.  100+ different types of sake for $65 is a lot less then I have paid in the past.  I would pay $65 for 100 of anything.  100 types of beer, 100 types of jam, even 100 types of almonds would be of interest.  Though its none of those I am pumped for sake, sake events and all around sake goodness.  Anyone who enjoys food and drink experiences should come and revel in the festivities.  Don’t know if you like sake?  Well 100 different types will resolve that for you in one quick day.  Food from Blowfish, Mye Japanese, Pure Spirits, Ki, Guu Izakaya and Ginko and 100 sake make me a happy camper.  If your going let me know!




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