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Posted January 31, 2013 by samuek in Events

Tides of Change – Sustainable Seafood Choices Luma Toronto


  • SALT-CURED ARCTIC CHAR citrus, ginger, basil.

    SALT-CURED ARCTIC CHAR citrus, ginger, basil.

  • SPOT PRAWN TARTARE chili, mint, coriander.

    SPOT PRAWN TARTARE chili, mint, coriander.

  • FRIED LINGCOD PO-BOY seaweed, spicy mayonnaise.

    FRIED LINGCOD PO-BOY seaweed, spicy mayonnaise.


So we were invited to a lunch at O&B’s Luma, to raise awareness around what some amazing chefs are doing to reshape the culinary scene.  Lead by Oceanwise, an organization that aims to educate and empower consumers about the issues of sustainable seafood, the event focused on encouraging chefs in Ontario to take up the cause.  Chef Bangerter, Executive chef at Luma was charged with providing a 100% Oceanwise meal for the function and then thrilled everyone with the news that Luma’s menu going forward would be all Oceanwise.  This is a brave move for any restaurant as you now are an educator and at time with education there is resistance.  I applaud Chef Bangerter, the O&B Team and Oceanwise for helping bring these issues to light here in Ontario.

We think we have some challenges being in Ontario.  Chef Bangerter reflects, “Our city is not surrounded by great bodies of ocean water so we don’t always have a direct connection to the vast blue planet.”  We find it interesting that with the trend of 100 mile, local sourcing. nose to tail and sustainable focused cuisine that we do not have more champions in the one of the city’s favorites components…seafood.  We could argue the same for many restaurants and their wine and beer lists but, that is for another day.

To support the efforts in Ontario, a Toronto Oceanwise board was created in 2009 and now has Chef Martin Kouprie of Pangaea, Dan Donovan, Owner of Hooked Inc., Brad Long of Café Belong at Evergreen Brick Works, writer and sommelier Jamie Drummond of Good Food Revolution, sustainable food advocate Rebecca LeHeup, Executive Director for the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance and Melanie Coates, Regional Director of public relations for Fairmont Hotels.  An amazing team, that has a long road ahead of them.




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