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Posted July 3, 2011 by samuek in Uncategorized

What Italians in Toronto Don’t Tell You About Italian Festivals

Well for one it is not just for Italians. Secondly, it is not just Italian food.  At the Taste of Little Italy 2011 festival in Toronto, there was food and drink from all over the world to compliment the great Italian food on College West.  All of College West was closed down from Bathurst all the way to Shaw.  Restaurants were able to extend their serving areas into the street and at times take over whole side streets.  These festivals are a foodies dream if you are willing to search for unique items.  On top of food there was live music, performers and kids events.

The best dish of the festival.  Tripe in a tomato based soup.  It was silky and tart.  The tripe was tender and cut into perfect pieces.  Seasoned perfectly with a hint of citrus.  The cup was just too small and we were on our way out.

Prosciutto, bocconcini, arugula and an olive tapenade on focaccia from Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe.

My favorite.  Equadorian pulled pork.

Fresh Fruit smoothies at your request.

Crepes made how you like.

Massive pizza from Trattoria Taverniti

Bet your pissed you missed this on the street.  Thanks Sidecar.

Sidecar Bar & Grill on RestauranticaSidecar on Urbanspoon

One of the many gelato spots

Rice Balls


One of the many drinking areas

I know right!




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