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Posted July 13, 2011 by samuek in Events

Why are Foodtrucks Illegaly in Toronto?

Well I have seen a few serving illegally outside of certain clubs but the ones we are talking about got a day pass.  The problem is you need to jump through a million bureaucratic hoops to serve anything but hot dogs in Toronto.  Then some guy finds a loophole to help expose Torontonians to the awesomeness that is Food Trucks.  What a nice guy.  So though it is normally illegal, Suresh Doss from Spotlight Toronto helped us all enjoy what we should be able to enjoy everyday.  Thanks man…thanks.

So how was it?  Let’s say the food was phenomenal…if you were lucky enough to get any.  Now I do not want to be negative at all regarding this event, because it was a massive success.  I just think the organizers had a huge undertaking and will learn tons from this experience.  If you look at the above picture, the food trucks were on the left and just in front of the Eska umbrella there is a line that ran at least 50 meters and equated to a 2 hour wait.  This was at 1:30pm and proves that Toronto loves it food.  The event was so popular that many trucks ran out of food around 1:00pm. 

So who caused all the line-ups?  Gastronomo Vagabundo from Niagara takes this prize with its carnivore menu.  People waited almost 2 hours to try it.  I think though that we GTAers are suckers for line-ups.  If there is a line up for a free t-shirt, free samples or a great club or restaurant, we…will…wait!

 This is their Buddah Belly or 5 spice pork belly on Siopao style buns.  Pork?  Pork Belly?  Say no more.

3 trucks side by side, congested with salivating customers who could not get no satisfaction, or roll if they were stones.

Hamilton’s Gorilla Grill Cheese, banging out the most comforting of all childhood comfort foods, grill cheese.

Is this the coolest set-up for a food truck ever?


 A wood fire burning portable oven is to awesome like the compact is to women’s make-up.

Some tasty Kulfi topped with strawberries…in season.  What’s Kulfi?  Indian ice cream.

Smoked chicken croquettes.

This was a lobster taco.  It’s looks like a small serving I think but it was only $5.

Apple pies from Cupcake Diner.  These were so decadent.  Pastry was buttery and the filling was perfectly balanced.

I took this picture to comment on how strange it was to have ketchup and mustard on a Mekong sub, but then realized that they were also serving hotdogs and people who have not eaten a mekong got confused.  Isn’t Mekong sub just a Banh Mi in the style of the Mekong area?

Cava oh Cava.  Thank you for the king fish ceviche and churro topped ice cream.

 Spiced pecans.  Holy cow these were so good.

 Churro topped ice cream.

One of the best dishes, king fish ceviche with peas for texture.




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