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Posted September 22, 2012 by samuek in Uncategorized

You Say You Love Food? If You Are at the Startford Culinary Festival, I Will Believe You

Details first: Stratford Culinary Festival September 21 – 23, Stratford Ontario

Let me start by sharing a story about food and Stratford.  For you Beiber fans, this has nothing to do with homegrown pop star, so let’s move on.  I was invited to Stratford awhile back by the wonderful Mary Luz for a tasting by Chef Paolo Lopriore, a chef from Italy at The Old Prune.  The Old Prune is the student restaurant for the Stratford Culinary School that really does not seem like it’s a school entity.  The Stratford culinary school flew the chef in to work with the students.  I thought to myself, what a wonderful idea to bring in a chefs from other countries to expose students to what the global cuisines have to offer.  Apparently they bring chefs in all the time and I did not know.

Though this event is in its 29th year, the tradition of Stratford’s, culinary roots date back 150 years.  Currently you can find a world class culinary school, top flight restaurants and a serious food focused community.  With a town surrounded by farms boasting amazing produce and meats, who can argue?

I could start by telling you about the food personalities that will be enhancing the event over the weekend but to me the focus really is on the food.  It is the theme of the event and there is so much more interesting conversation that can be taken from the food, its producers and its history.

You can find the whole schedule here and plan your day for Saturday and Sunday but I will share with you what I am looking forward to with my family.

This event boasts one of the most diverse and creative food event offerings around.  Truly there is something for everyone.  You can enjoy Sake, jambalya, Madeira pairings, make cheese, teach kids to make dressing, listen to music, whiskey versus bourbon, local craft beer, southern bbq and so much more.

The Savour Stratford Sunday Tasting is my first choice, quoted as “the highlight of the culinary festival.”  And of course their description has me enticed.  “Spend the afternoon meeting our regional producers and talented chefs who present tasty bites along with Ontario VQA wines and craft beers. Accompanied by live music under lounging tents in Stratford’s historic Market Square, this is an afternoon to savour.”

Next is the The Breakfast with Culinary Champions Connie DeSousa, finalist on season one of TopChef Canada and Carl Heinrich, winner of season 2 of Top Chef Canada.  Now not because of their popularity but they can really cook and I am so curious what they have in store for breakfast.

Of course being a family man with 4 kids I will visit the Kids’ Tent where there will be entertaining, exciting, and educational culinary programming for children, while my wife and relax and enjoy the Craft Beer and
Wine Pavilion.  My daughters can  join an ice cream making workshop, learn how to make healthy eating choices, to create their own salad, pick their own greens and make their very own salad dressing.

Then the fact I am a sake lover, I will attend the Sake and Sashimi Tutored Tasting with Hooked Inc, Ken Valvur from Ontario Spring Water’s, Izumi, which is pretty cool.

Then of course, David Rocco, Carl Heinrich, Ryan Donovan, Connie DeSousa showing up can’t hurt!

I am so excited to attend and sample treats from this culinary oasis called Stratford.  If your serious about food, drive out there and experience what you cannot get here in the city.  Tweet me @inyourmouthto or leave a comment about your experience. 




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